Blooms Roastery & Craft tea

Blooms Roastery & Craft Tea


At Blooms we would love to share our passion for coffee with your businesses, we source, roast, and taste every batch of fresh roasted coffee to ensure that our coffee is of the highest standard, so you don’t have to worry.

By looking after all these critical elements, we allow our wholesale customers to serve quality coffee and help their business to grow.

We love to work with businesses that also share our passion and want to build a long-term relationship together.

For Blooms Wholesale Program we offer:
– A wide range and seasonal coffee selection
– Equipment recommendation and purchases
– Staff training and testing
– Online and offline customer support
– Coffee station set up consultation
Give us a call now on 3955 0083 , we can start discuss your requirement.







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La Fortuna Gourmet Ltd

We are the one-stop company for Horeca and Bar suppliers and vendors of coffee machines and equipment. Our machines and products are all produced and imported from Europe, mainly from Italy. We are please to give one of the best offer and service in the market to our partners.
 Our team has more then 15 years experience in the Espresso machine world and choice for Coffee machines, coffee grinders, bar equipment, soft ice cream machines and other machinery from Italy.
Contact us for a quick and simple quotation.
Seed of Aroma coffee supplies

Seed of Aroma

Founded in July 2011, Seed of Aroma has established extensive sales networks in Asia, especially Greater China Regions.We are experienced in coffee and coffee related products such as coffee green bean, roasted bean and equipment.

Redback Coffee

Redbacks' vision is that coffee will become significantly more personal & selective. Not unlike the trajectory of wine & craft beer.
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