Garage Society Co-working space

Garage Society



Dedicated Office $6,000 up

Flexible Seats $1,200 up

Multi location access


Co-working Community by Garage Society

Founded in 2014, Garage Society offers flexible workspace solutions and business support to the new generation workforce across Asia, including events, hiring, internship and investment. We also facilitate and promote collaboration opportunities through our online community platform and we are committed to being a responsible business through our ethical approach and CSR initiatives.

Our brand DNA


Dedicated Office
Starting at HK$6,000/month

Looking for a private office to accommodate teams of all sizes? We’ve got all you need : work station, complimentary services from mailing handling, 24/7 access to pantry usage – Just move-in and get ready to work with your team !

Flexible Seats
Starting at HK$1,200/month
Build your business anywhere, anytime, hassle free! Rent a Hot desk or Private desk, bring your laptop, sip a coffee and get ready to work! You can also enjoy complimentary services and connect with global professionals via our community and academy events.
Email enquiry: +852 3952 7200


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