Tea Concepts Ltd.

Premium Teas Supplier


Tea Concepts is based in Hong Kong and has become one of the leading suppliers of premium teas to hotels and restaurants.

At Tea Concepts we pride ourselves on being a modern and innovative tea company, offering the latest trends in tea and herbal beverages from around the world. With tea now the fastest growing premium hot beverage, these are exciting times to be involved with tea.

Expert Knowledge
Tea is complex and it takes years of experience to be able to accurately advise and educate customers. Although Tea Concepts is a relatively new company, our involvement with tea goes back through generations to the early 1840s in Scotland. The Tea Masters at Tea Concepts have many years experience in the tea industry and have an extensive and valuable knowledge of customer preferences and requirements in Asia-Pacific.

World Leading Tea Brands
Through our connections in the tea industry worldwide, we have identified a select group of premium tea brands that really excite us. Not only are these companies passionate about tea quality but they also deliver their tea in a beautiful manner. We are proud to represent them in Greater China.
  • Tea Forté from USA. A unique and original presentation that is always winning prizes.
  • Harney & Sons Fine Teas from USA. An award winning family business that is acknowledged as world leading.
  • Victoria Premium Teas from Hong Kong. Our own house brand of teas with over 220 wonderful teas.
  • Four O’clock Organic Fair Trade Teas from Canada. A tea that proclaims its responsible attitude to the environment.
  • Hampstead Teas of London A wonderful range of bio-dynamic teas based on a top quality Darjeeling tea estate.
  • Ticolino tea infusers from USA. A unique improvement on the tea bag.

Class Leading Customer Support

We specialise in everything to do with tea (and nothing else). As tea experts we can provide  unique and valuable support to our customers from advice on developing your tea service, to sourcing exactly the right accessories, to training the staff, to helping with the menus, to quality audits. We are always there supporting our customers to make sure they get the best out of our teas.


Website: http://www.tea-concepts.com/home/TeaHongKong/eng/

Email: info@tea-concepts.com




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