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Based in Sydney, Australia, we are an artisan loose leaf tea company dedicated to sourcing high-quality and authentic teas, tisanes, spices, fruit and herbs with a strong emphasis on ethical and sustainable production and social responsibility.

After spending time living in Japan we developed a passion for their tea and tea culture, and decided to return to Australia bearing this passion and attempt to endow Sydney, even Australia, with a more profound appreciation of tea.  

Brakfontein Estate, South Africa

Brakfontein Estate, South Africa

We take the responsibility of sourcing ethical teas seriously. Take for example our Rooibos and Honey Bush; sourced from Brakfontein Estate in Citrusdal, South Africa. The Mouton family which, in partnership with their workers, own the estate and its surrounding properties. They have an incredibly strong commitment to the community. On their estates they have built community centres, clinics, sports facilities, child-care centres and schools.

When compared to the national average, the education levels within the community have risen significantly over the last 30 years that they have operated the farms. Not only do the majority of workers maintain shareholder status, the average wage is dramatically higher than the national minimum. 

Workers in the field. Kanoka Tea Estate, Assam, India

Workers in the field. Kanoka Tea Estate, Assam, India


Another example of our emphasis on ethical origins is our Organic Single Estate Assam. This orthodox black tea is sourced from Kanoka Tea Garden which is a member of a fair trade, organic farming co-op in North-Eastern India. Not only has this co-op developed housing and schooling for the workers and their families, they pay 5% of the income generated from the tea sales directly to the workers in addition to their normal salaries.


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多年來一直從事罐頭食品、葡萄酒、龍口粉絲等進出口與批發業務。是 “港味牌”、 “億萬牌”、 “高寶牌” 及 “翔龍牌”四個品牌的香港總代理,同時還是廈門 “古龍牌”、 雲南 “德和牌”各類罐頭食品香港地區獨家經銷商,除此之外還經營環球優質餐酒。

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Kampot Pepper Promotion Association (KPPA) is an inter-professional institute established to protect and promote Kampot pepper and Kampot pepper producer.
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