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Zest Specialty Coffee Roasters ARE a progressive, creative and eclectic team of coffee professionals who strive to deliver the best of specialty coffee to all Coffeekind.



Always specialty coffee. Always post blending. No short cuts on the road to optimal flavour. Our roasters focus greatly on micro-lots, small batch roasting, using an artisan approach. We create specialty blends, with flavour at the forefront. We are intent on always pursuing perfection. We shine on every bean.

Our artisan roasting process is designed to articulate and enhance the aroma and flavour and unique personality of a toiled harvest. It’s because we understand the seasonality and complexities of specialty coffee that consistency remains a focus. We know there’s no shortcut to optimal flavour. And we know there’s no purpose without it.

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Zest are innovators, educators and explorers, but fore mostly we are a family, and we treat each of our customers –– from new café owner, corporate partner, meticulous brewer, intuitive home barista –– as we treat our own; friendly, approachable, reliable, informed. Relationships are important to Zest; connections built with coffee farmers and coffee lovers are valued equally.

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The coffee landscape is vast and diverse; a collection of different flavours, origins, stories and people. Zest brings all these landscapes together, forging a colourful terrain filled with a sundry of personalities and flavours. Passionately sharing their love of flavour; inviting all coffee lovers to explore and discover.

The unique “Flavour terrains” in our branding components highlight these important elements that support Coffeekind.

Zest is invested in helping café partners grow their coffee businesses. We have built a team of skilled, creative and experienced coffee professionals – enthusiastic about your success. Our mission is to build patronage for your café through providing your clients with wonderful flavour experiences, education, efficiency, training, knowledge sharing, developing coffee appreciation through our passion for flavour discovery.

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Enquiry Email: info@zestcoffee.com.au

Website: www.zestcoffee.com.au/




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Licensed Coffee Roastery | SCA Premier Training Campus Q | Specialty Coffee & Machine Consultant | 2018 Hong Kong Aeropress Championship Champion

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We are the one-stop company for Horeca and Bar suppliers and vendors of coffee machines and equipment. Our machines and products are all produced and imported from Europe, mainly from Italy. We are please to give one of the best offer and service in the market to our partners.
 Our team has more then 15 years experience in the Espresso machine world and choice for Coffee machines, coffee grinders, bar equipment, soft ice cream machines and other machinery from Italy.
Contact us for a quick and simple quotation.

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